NebulOuS, a pioneering Horizon Europe Research and Innovation action, is thrilled to announce the launch of its first Open Call, inviting startups, SMEs, and

In the ever-evolving world of cloud computing, the NebulOuS project stands out as a pioneering effort to bridge the gap between cloud and edge

Marta Różańska from the University of Oslo presented groundbreaking research at the ACSOS 2023 conference. She took the stage at the 1st ASMECC Workshop

The evolution of the digital landscape brings forth the challenge of adeptly managing resources across an array of platforms and environments. Our innovative solution,

Our new paper titled: “NebulOuS: A Meta-Operating System with Cloud Continuum Brokerage Capabilities” has been accepted to the Eighth IEEE International Conference on Fog

NebulOuS Open Calls opportunities will be presented at Capitalising on Cloud-Edge-IoT: Building your next product, finding your next market opportunity – an event organized

Previous week, NebulOuS representatives took part in Leading and Managing in The Digital Era conference (LMDE) organized in Athens, Greece on 21st – 23rd

An important element of the work on the NebulOuS project are onsite meetings, organized regularly, in order to discuss current topics and address the

The NebulOuS project had its representation at DevOpsCon Berlin 2023. DevOpsCon is a series of events focusing on the latest tools, technologies, and methodologies

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