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NebulOuS announces the Launch of its First Version of a Meta Operating System for Advanced Management of Applications on Cloud Computing Continuums Figure 1:

Strengthening Kubernetes Security with AI-Powered Anomaly Detection: the NebulOuS case In the dynamic landscape of cloud-native architectures, the security and performance of Kubernetes clusters

NebulOuS hosted the second Q&A webinar dedicated to the NebulOuS Open Call #1, themed Unlocking the potential of NebulOuS project: Exploring use cases &

Today marked a significant milestone as we hosted our first-ever Q&A webinar dedicated to the NebulOuS Open Call #1. Held online, this interactive session

NebulOuS, a pioneering Horizon Europe Research and Innovation action, is thrilled to announce the launch of its first Open Call, inviting startups, SMEs, and

In the ever-evolving world of cloud computing, the NebulOuS project stands out as a pioneering effort to bridge the gap between cloud and edge

Marta Różańska from the University of Oslo presented groundbreaking research at the ACSOS 2023 conference. She took the stage at the 1st ASMECC Workshop