City maintenance with NebulOuS: 

revolutionizing smart cities


LOCATION: Portugal


Smart city

Cities are evolving and NebulOuS is leading the way, transforming how urban centers respond and adapt to changing demands. This use case validates 5G technology’s potential for smart city maintenance by seamlessly integrating IoT sensors for real-time data collection and edge processing.


5G-powered smart city maintenance

With a 5G connection, cities will be able to gain knowledge at every social iteration – from sensors, street furniture, and user equipment, cities are constantly producing data which requires connecting the sources and storing their data. The synergy between NebulOuS and computer vision technologies facilitates real-time analysis, providing actionable insights directly from edge devices. The focus here is on applying computer vision to detect damage in buildings and infrastructure, creating a more responsive and adaptive urban maintenance system. 


Transformative connectivity and analytics

Enhanced connectivity

Deployment of algorithms across various levels becomes a reality by marrying the NebulOuS platform with computer vision technologies.

Edge analytics and interoperability

Lay the groundwork for cities to evolve seamlessly.


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