Advancing cloud continuum excellence

NebulOuS is on the path to pioneering a novel Meta Operating System (OS) and platform, forging a transformative approach to transient fog brokerage ecosystems. This addresses modeling, comparison, intelligent management, unified security, and smart contract-based SLA monitoring within the cloud computing continuum.

Envisioning a future where the dynamic cloud continuum is seamlessly managed, akin to an operating system orchestrating computing resources, our ultimate goal is to provide an adaptive application hosting environment. NebulOuS optimizes for data proximity, aligning with the highest standards of quality, security, and privacy.

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Shaping seamless brokerage

Designed to oversee all layers of the cloud continuum stack, NebulOuS introduces a Meta OS for brokerage, fostering ad-hoc fog ecosystems utilizing IoT/edge and fog nodes, in tandem with multi-cloud resources to meet the requirements of low-latency applications. Such applications will be managed throughout their lifecycle, supporting hosting nodes across diverse organizational units and private data centers, forming ad-hoc cloud computing continuums.

Our outcomes

Advanced provisioning tools

Develop cutting-edge methods and tools for secure and optimal application provisioning and reconfiguration

Meta Operating System

Pioneer the development of a Meta OS and platform for transient fog brokerage ecosystems, ensuring efficiency and adaptability


Implement a comprehensive solution focusing on modeling, efficient comparison, intelligent management, unified security, and smart contract-based SLA monitoring

Our Core

Computer Science

Meta-OS, Brokerage, Cloud/Edge Computing, CEP, AI, Blockchain, Fuzzy Logic

Model-driven Engineering

Semantic Models, SLAs, Digital Twins, Quality Assurance, BPM

IT Operations

DevOps Support, Application and Data Life-Cycle Management


Authentication, Authorization, ABAC, SDN/NFV, VPN

Sensors and Cyber Physical Systems

Machine Sensors & Actuators, Drones, Smart Lampposts, IoT

Marketing/Business Administration

Business Modelling, Open-source Community Building, Project Branding



NebulOuS’ team consists 
of experts in cloud computing, data science, and security, ensuring a robust and holistic approach to our research


We are at the forefront of cloud and fog computing breakthroughs, consistently pushing boundaries and driving progress


We welcome partnerships and joint initiatives with like-minded organizations to collectively shape the future of cloud computing

Explore NebulOuS and join us on this exciting journey into the next era of cloud and fog computing brokerage

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