Call for Evaluators



NebulOuS call to select experts to participate as an external evaluator in Open Call #1.

The pool of evaluators will gather a set of recognized experts in the domain of NebulOuS – Open Call #1 selected through an open process to ensure transparent and consistent evaluation of the applications.

Applications for External Evaluators are now closed

* Note that experts cannot publicly announce that they are collaborating with the NebulOuS consortium until the end of the project (September 2025), as it is a confidential process and all evaluators must remain anonymous. However, independent evaluators can explicitly say they are involved in an evaluation process as experts in an European Commission project.

Key information about the project

The NebulOuS project, funded by Horizon Europe, aims to create a Meta Operating System for brokering hyperdistributed applications on cloud computing continuums. It seeks to optimise application provisioning across various cloud resources, including edge and fog nodes. NebulOuS plans to implement pilot demonstrators to test usability, and through Open Call #1, it aims to expand use cases to demonstrate the framework’s replicability and sustainability. These use cases will assess user experience, ecological impact, societal impact, and collaborative performance. Proposed use cases must address specific challenges outlined by the project.

What is expected from potential evaluators

Experts must be available during the evaluation period which is set to run during May 2024, according to the following indicative timeline:

  • Selection of experts and contract signature: Until 16 May 2024
  • Evaluators Conference call: 17 May 2024 at 11:00 CEST
  • Application evaluation: From 18 May 2024 to 28 May 2023
  • Consensus Meetings: 29 to 30 May 2024 (if necessary)

The evaluation stage will take place remotely, using tools provided by the NebulOuS consortium.

Types of experts (profiles)

We are looking for experts to serve as evaluators in the field of Cloud, Edge and IoT.

The evaluators will assume the responsibility of providing a neutral and rigorous scientific and/or business assessment of fellows’ applications, focusing on the following key aspects:

  • Novelty, adequateness of the proposed use-case to be implemented with NebulOuS;
  • Economic, social and environmental impact of the planned use-case;
  • Expertise and excellence of the proposed team;
  • Project planning and value for money.

What are the benefits for the evaluators

  • Contribute to NebulOuS’s goals and be recognized as an independent evaluator in an Horizon Europe project. *
  • Be economically compensated for the work performed. Based on the European Commission rules, the work performed by independent evaluators will be reimbursed based on the number of proposals reviewed: each proposal corresponds to a total of € 20.
  • Be an important part of the project and related ecosystem. Get to know your peers (increase your network) and contribute to the success of the NebulOuS project.

Note: The above timeline is indicative and may change according to consortium needs. 

More information

Important Notice

Please note that this expression of interest to participate in the NebulOuS Open Call 1 evaluation as an external expert is NOT binding and does NOT constitute any commitment to the NebulOuS project. 

The selection of the experts to support NebulOuS in the evaluation of the Open Call 1 will be taken at a later stage, since it depends on the number of received proposals, their origin, the domain that they target as well as the origin of the potential evaluators, their affiliations, their expertise and the balance between various criteria (e.g. gender, background, affiliation type, age, expertise etc.). Furthermore, we are obliged to frequently change experts that support in the evaluations of proposals.

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