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NebulOuS announces the Launch of its First Version of a Meta Operating System for Advanced Management of Applications on Cloud Computing Continuums

Figure 1: Screenshot from NebulOuS Opendev repository

Brussels, 22 May 2024 – NebulOuS is excited to announce the launch of the first version of its innovative platform, marking a significant milestone in the development of advanced cloud-based solutions. This platform is set to revolutionize the way organizations manage and optimize their cloud offerings over dispersed infrastructures spanning the cloud to edge continuum, providing at the same time unprecedented efficiency, flexibility, and scalability. The public code repository is available at

The NebulOuS platform has been meticulously developed to address the growing demands for more intelligent and adaptive cloud services. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, it offers a comprehensive meta-operating system, designed to enhance performance, reduce costs, and streamline operations for businesses of all sizes.


  • Advanced resource management: optimize cloud to edge continuum resource allocation and utilization with intelligent algorithms. 
  • Scalable infrastructure: seamlessly monitor and scale operations to meet varying demands without compromising on performance. 
  • Enhanced security: implement robust security protocols to safeguard data and applications. 
  • User-friendly interface: navigate complex cloud continuum environments with an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard. 
  • Cloud to edge continuum brokerage:  design and implement a broker that mediates between the user and the cloud continuum ecosystem to filter our not suitable hosting solutions and reduce the variability space of the application optimisation lifecycle. 


The validation of the NebulOuS platform will be conducted by a diverse group of Use Case project partners and winners of the Open Call 1. These collaborators bring a wealth of experience and expertise, ensuring that the platform is rigorously tested, validated and refined to meet the highest standards of performance and reliability. 

Use Case project partners: our esteemed partners will play a crucial role in validating the platform across a variety of real-world scenarios, providing invaluable feedback to fine-tune its features and functionalities. 

Open Call 1 subprojects/winners: the winners of our first Open Call, selected for their innovative approaches and solutions, will also contribute to the platform’s validation. Their involvement will help ensure that the platform meets diverse needs and is adaptable to a wide range of applications. 


The launch of this first version is just the beginning. NebulOuS is committed to continuous improvement and innovation, driven by the feedback and insights gathered from our partners and subprojects. Future updates will build upon this solid foundation, introducing new features and enhancements to further empower our users. 

“The next steps of this journey involve further fine-tuning of the complex NebulOuS architecture, improvements over the optimisation process along with enhancements on the fog and edge resources management. Furthermore, we will introduce a model-driven brokerage quality assurance and a smart contract-based SLA management. All these will lead to the second and final release of the NebulOuS meta-operating system.”


NebulOuS is at the forefront of cloud technology innovation, dedicated to developing advanced solutions that transform the way businesses operate in the cloud to edge continuum. Our mission is to provide intelligent, scalable, and secure cloud services that drive efficiency and growth. 

The NebulOuS initiative, funded by the European Commission, brings together key partners to tackle the great challenge of innovation. The consortium includes high-profile representatives from research and academic institutions, end-users and industry innovators. This collaborative effort is designed to ensure that the platform is not only cutting-edge but also practical and user-centric, addressing the needs of a wide range of stakeholders. 

For more information about the NebulOuS platform and upcoming developments, please visit our website at

Media Contact

Name: Maria Monteiro Fonseca, Communications manager 
Phone: +351 911 066 310


Download the press release here.

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