MLSysOps 2023

On 25th of September will take place The 1st International Workshop on Machine Learning for Autonomic System Operations in the Device-Edge-Cloud Continuum (MLSysOps 2023).

The event organised in conjunction with the International Conference on Embedded Wireless Systems and Networks (EWSN 2023) in Rende, Italy, aims to bring together a community of researchers and practitioners who study problems at the intersection of AI/ML, autonomic and cognitive computing, D-E-C continuum, distributed system operation, and resilient application deployment.

Suggested workshop topics are:

  • Autonomic management and control of D-E-C continuum;
  • ML/AI-driven approaches for system operation of dynamic, large-scale, heterogeneous continuum systems;
  • Agent-oriented architectures for D-E-C continuum orchestration;
  • Cognitive computing models in the edge-cloud continuum;
  • AI/ML-based management of computing, networking and storage resources in the continuum;
  • Green, resource-efficient techniques for system operation;
  • AI/ML-based trust and security methods in the edge-cloud continuum;
  • Network and System Simulators for the D-E-C continuum;
  • AI/ML-based application deployment in continuum systems.

Papers can be submitted by 31st of May, 2023.
For more information, please visit the event official website:

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