Unfolding the challenges and opportunities of the NebulOus project

In the ever-evolving world of cloud computing, the NebulOuS project stands out as a pioneering effort to bridge the gap between cloud and edge computing. This collaborative initiative involves multiple partners, each with its own unique perspective, challenges, and expectations. In this blog post, we will delve into the NebulOuS project from the viewpoint of […]

NebulOuS at ACSOS 2023

Marta Różańska from the University of Oslo presented groundbreaking research at the ACSOS 2023 conference. She took the stage at the 1st ASMECC Workshop on Autonomic and Self-Management for the Edge-Cloud Continuum (ASMECC 2023) and shared the latest publication titled “Modelling Adaptive Autonomic Cloud Application Utility Using Template Functions.” In the publication, Marta addressed the […]

NebulOuS: Advancing the Cloud Continuum Through Meta-Operating Systems

The evolution of the digital landscape brings forth the challenge of adeptly managing resources across an array of platforms and environments. Our innovative solution, NebulOuS, stands poised to lead this transformation by redefining the cloud continuum and emphasizing the imperative role of meta-operating systems. Embracing the Cloud Continuum with NebulOuS The Cloud Continuum, as championed […]

NebulOuS: A Meta-Operating System with Cloud Continuum Brokerage Capabilities.

Our new paper titled: “NebulOuS: A Meta-Operating System with Cloud Continuum Brokerage Capabilities” has been accepted to the Eighth IEEE International Conference on Fog and Mobile Edge Computing (FMEC 2023). Paper was presented by Yannis Verginadis 18th September 2023 (IMU/ICCS) at the Keynote 1 session, titled: Unlocking the Wireless Metaverse with 6G and Artificial Intelligence (AI).  […]

Capitalising on Cloud-Edge-IoT – presentation of NebulOuS Open Calls opportunities

Webinar announcement: Capitalising on Cloud-Edge-IoT: Building your next product, finding your next market opportunity

NebulOuS Open Calls opportunities will be presented at Capitalising on Cloud-Edge-IoT: Building your next product, finding your next market opportunity – an event organized by EUCEI and Next Generation Internet initiatives. During the event all participants will have a chance to explore the opportunities for SMEs, start-ups and other organizations, to contribute to advanced use […]

NebulOuS General Meeting in Paris

An important element of the work on the NebulOuS project are onsite meetings, organized regularly, in order to discuss current topics and address the most important issues in the most efficient way. This week, 12th – 13th of June 2023, representatives of the NebulOuS consortium gathered together in Maison de Norvège, in Paris, France, to report […]

NebulOuS at DevOpsCon Berlin 2023

The NebulOuS project had its representation at DevOpsCon Berlin 2023. DevOpsCon is a series of events focusing on the latest tools, technologies, and methodologies needed to build and maintain secure, scalable, and resilient software systems. This year’s Berlin 2023 edition of the conference, gathered many specialists from the IT industry, including Paweł Skrzypek, Chief Multi-Cloud […]

NebulOuS Open Calls opportunities presented at AIOTI webinar

Ana Luisa Alves, NebulOuS representative and Work Package Leader, presented the approaching NebulOuS Open Calls and opportunities they will bring to the organizations interested in using and integrating NebulOuS components. The Financial Support to Third Parties will be offered to 9 beneficiaries selected in two Open Calls planned in January and September of 2024. To […]

NCBR info session with NebulOuS project

On 25th of May 2023 Katarzyna Materka from 7bulls will take part in the event organized by Polish National Research and Development Centre (NCBR) – Horizon Europe Contact Point in Poland, entitled: “Europejskie inicjatywy związane z Cloud-Edge-IoT finansowane z programu Horyzont Europa. Z danymi w chmurze – czyli jak finansować  Cloud-Edge-IoT z progamu Horyzont Europa”. […]

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